Run, slide and climb … or relax!

We have plenty of room for kids of all ages to play

The TreeHouse has 9,000 square feet for you to hang out or play in our indoor playground. We have awesome slides, a smaller gated area for infants, an enclosed area for pre-k toddlers, swinging bridges, and a gigantic tree house to climb and explore.

Our climbing structures are big enough for kids of all ages — yes, grown-ups can play too! Climb, slide, crawl, and hang out for a couple of hours, or stay all day.

It’s a great meeting place, too

If you need a spacious place for your next book club, scrapbooking group, or informal meeting, you will find nice big tables, comfortable chairs, and a selection of tasty snacks, light meals, and hot or cold drinks at The TreeHouse. Our floor plan is spacious enough so you can sit away from busy foot traffic, but still within eyeshot of the climbing structure.

Play Rules

We want your visit to the TreeHouse to be easy and relaxing, so we like to keep it simple: Be nice and keep your socks on.

We follow the same rules that your child’s school does… walk, no wrestling, ‘down only’ on the slides are a few basics.

  • Use the bathroom to avoid an “oops” (plus… our restrooms are a ‘must-see’!)
  • Wash your hands with our alcohol based sanitizer or with soap and water in the restrooms
  • Be nice to all your new friends
  • Socks Required and must stay on (or we get a ticket from the health dept.)
  • Put necklaces, bracelets, or any sharp jewelry away
  • Gum in Mr. Trash. yummmmy!
  • Plastic headbands can cause injury (we know personally)
  • Screaming leads us to believe we need to call 911
  • We have a strict no biting policy. If your child bites someone, you must leave.
  • Food must stay at the table
  • Diapers must be changed in the bathroom